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Diving 2000 - Diving equipment at Denmak's Best Diving Center!

Welcome to Diving 2000 - Diving 2000 is a 5-star PADI diving center located in the heart of Odense. Diving 200 was founded in 1987 and we have many years of expeience with diving and helping divers finding the right gear. We are very proud of our title as a PADI 5* IDC Course Center, as it is a recognition of our high quality of educational facilities and equipment. As such, we offer one of the best diving educations in Denmark.

In addition, we train many new divers in PADI Open Water. We also organize a lot of diving trips around Funen, which you can read about in our online trip calendar and sign up for directly on the website. We organize approximately 3-4 diving trips abroad per year, including to the Red Sea.

You can also rent diving equipment from us if you want to go diving on your own. Please contact on us our email or phone for more details.

Diving Equipment

When you buy diving equipment from us in the diving shop, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality diving gear available. We stand 100% behind all the products we have in the shop, and if you need assistance, please give us a call right away.

We have many years of experience when it comes to advising on the best diving equipment. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, we can always provide you with a wide range of diving gear that suits your needs.

It's important to receive proper guidance when purchasing diving equipment. The team behind Diving 2000 has over 2,000 dives under their belts and knows what diving equipment works the best.

Choosing diving equipment should be done with care. It is important that you feel comfortable in the water, so take your time as you browse our diving shop online. We have made sure that navigating our website is easy and straightforward.

If you are unsure about which diving equipment you need and how much, we are available by phone or you can send us an email.


Quality must be in order, that's our mantra. When you purchase diving equipment from us, it's gear that you can use for a long time. We have tested and selected the best manufacturers in the market. We also use the diving equipment we sell ourselves to constantly ensure that the quality is top-notch. Therefore, we can confidently provide you with solid advice. We also reject a portion of equipment each year that we don't deem suitable for Danish diving and snorkeling. See our wide selection of wetsuits here, or go directly to Women's Wetsuits - Men's Wetsuits - Kids' Wetsuits.

Buy Diving Equipment that Fits

We have diving equipment for adults, children, beginners, and professionals. All our products come with detailed descriptions, including sizes and features, so make sure to read them carefully. Price and quality go hand in hand, and the same applies when purchasing diving equipment. However, we offer a wide range of options that cater to different price levels.

If you're going on a diving vacation, it's important to have your diving equipment in order. We have masks, snorkels, fins, or bathing shoes that are perfect for snorkeling and can provide you with a memorable experience for life.



The Best Drysuits Brands

For diving, either wetsuits or drysuits are used. The difference is that with a wetsuit, the diver is kept warm by a small amount of water that is heated to body temperature inside the material of the suit. The drysuit, on the other hand, is different. It completely protects the diver from the surrounding water, keeping the diver dry throughout the dive. Drysuits are made of a waterproof material - typically neoprene or trilaminate. They feature a waterproof zipper and sealing cuffs at the wrists and neck opening, typically made of latex or silicone. Underneath the drysuit, insulating undergarments such as fleece or wool are worn. At Diving 2000, we offer drysuits from reputable manufacturers such as Waterproof, Santi, and Scubapro.


Undergarments for Your Drysuit

The undergarment is an essential companion to your drysuit. The primary purpose of the drysuit is to keep you dry, not necessarily warm. The warmth comes from the undergarment you choose to wear beneath your drysuit. Undergarments are typically made of fleece, with one, two, or three layers. Additionally, you can choose between two-piece suits or one-piece suits, also known as jumpsuits. If you have long, cold dives ahead, you may consider undergarments with built-in heating, powered by batteries, providing additional insulation beyond the warmth of the fleece itself. These heated undergarments are available from brands like Nordic Heat and Santi, while traditional fleece undergarments can be found from Waterproof, Fourth Element, Scubapro, and Santi.


Winter Swimming

Winter swimming is a steadily growing trend in Scandinavia. When the water temperature reaches 5-10 degrees Celsius, the swim is categorized as winter swimming. The cold thrill is beneficial for both mood and health, and with the right equipment, it becomes even more enjoyable. In this category, we have gathered equipment, bathing shoes, gloves, and clothing suitable for winter swimmers.


Spearfishing/Underwater hunting

We sell spearfishing equipment and suitable gear for the activity. We carry products from many top manufacturers, ensuring you get the right quality and prices for our spearfishing equipment. We are active spearfishers ourselves and find it to be an exciting sport with numerous amazing nature experiences. Spearfishing is for anyone who loves water and nature, and it also offers the opportunity to bring home a delicious fish for dinner.

Service and Dlivery of Diving Equipment

We sell diving equipment, and we're good at it. We have deals with many major manufacturers, which ensures you good prices and fast delivery. 95% of all orders for our diving equipment are delivered within 1-2 days, but if you're unsure, give us a call to inquire about the delivery time.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we're available on the phone from Monday to Thursday, 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Dive into the blue waves with diving equipment from Diving 2000, and you'll have a great experience.

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