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Scubapro BCD Hydros Pro

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  • Hydros Colour Kit Colour kit til blylommerCustomise the colours of the lead pockets on your Hydros Pro BCD with the exchangeable colour kits! The colours match the Scubapro Seawing Nova fins. The Hydros Pro BCD's includes a black colour kit for the men's model and a white kit for the women's model.

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HYDROS PRO is a true breakthrough in diving comfort and convenience.
The moldable Monprene®, the adjustable fit, and multi-straps are helping to make HYDROS PRO the most adaptable and comfortable BCD ever.


When using HYDROS PRO you will hardly notice that you are wearing it. HYDROS PRO molds to your specific body dorm and is designed with Body Grip Gel, which gives you extreme comfort and stability.


Winner of the 2016 Red Dot award for product design. HYDROS PRO is a real scoop from SCUBAPRO's designers. Designed and created for anyone who loves to dive.
The modular construction allows repairs - even at remote locations, to be done easily.


Virtually NO buoyancy in the BCD itself means less lead. And thanks to back inflation - thus an air bubble placed on your back, you are sure to be in perfect trim in any position.
Interchangeable buckles, a folding design, and an accompanying backpack, with space for your entire dive kit, make HYDROS PRO perfect for any destination and any dive.
Perfect for instructors, tech divers, female divers, young divers, new divers, dive training and to a great extent for divers traveling.


Monprene® construction means ultra-durability. HYDROS PRO resists UV radiation, chemicals and wear, without any typical signs of wear.


Hydros Pro is supplied in black. If you want other colors, Color Kits can be purchased as an option.
Color Kits are available in army green, blue, turquoise, orange, yellow, white, pink and purple.



Brand: Scubapro
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